Blanket Straps

If you're frustrated with chasing your blankets in the middle of the night, Blanket Buddy has the solution just for you! Get that great night's sleep you well deserve!



When we get a good night's sleep, we are more alert and clear-headed. Things like learning, problem-solving, and decision making are easier. Not getting enough sleep leaves you tired, cranky and unproductive.

  • Blanket Buddy features an adjustable strap with easy-to-use buckle to help you fit a wide range of different sheets and mattress sizes, Twin, Full, Queen, King

  • The plastic teeth inside the clip are safe for even the most delicate fibers and hold your bedding in place with minimal effort.

  • There's no complicated process to add these to your bed. Simply slide the strap under your mattress and place the edge of your sheet and blanket in the clip.

Elastic Bed Sheet Straps - Blanket Buddy

Make Your Bed In Seconds

Since the Blanket Buddy keeps the bottom corners of your bed is practically made, simply grab the top of your covers and pull or toss them upwards and you're done.


Great For Solo or Partner Sleeping

Elastic Bed Sheet Straps - Blanket Buddy
Elastic Bed Sheet Straps - Blanket Buddy

Multipurpose Bed Sheet Stays

These versatile blanket clips are designed to secure to the bottom edges of your blankets, comforters and flat or fitted sheets to keep them bunching up, shifting, or separating when you move while sleeping.

Elastic Bed Sheet Straps - Blanket Buddy

Strong Flexible Straps and Clips

Our mattress straps to hold sheets in place are designed to flex and retract, and move while maintaining a firm grip on your fabric


Elastic Bed Sheet Straps

  • Sarah

    "Elastic Bed Sheet Straps saved me from nightly sheet wars!"

  • Mark

    "These Elastic Bed Sheet Straps are a game-changer for restless sleepers like me."

  • David

    "Couldn't be happier with how Elastic Bed Sheet Straps keep my bed looking neat and tidy."